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Boards & Commissions: Stipend Program Enrollment


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    1. About

      City board and commission members may be eligible to receive a $50 per meeting stipend to those with household income at, or below, 100% AMI. The intent of this program, established under IMC 2.96, is to help reduce some access-related barriers and increase/retain membership.

      For example, one-person household income at, or below $94,220 would qualify.  Another example, household of four, income at, or below $134,600 would qualify to participate. See full table below for more details.

      If you have any questions, please contact Chief of Staff, Tina Eggers, via email or at 425-837-3004.

    2. Household Income Table, Effective Date: May 1, 2022
      2022King County Area Median Income (AMI)
      Family Size100% AMI
      1 $    94,220
      2 $  107,680
      3 $  121,140
      4 $  134,600
      5 $  145,368
      6 $  156,136
      7 $  166,904
    3. Additional Details

      Understanding potential tax implications:

      For stipends exceeding $600/year, the City of Issaquah has a legal obligation to issue a 1099 IRS form for non-employment income. Stipend recipients may have to pay federal income tax on the value of the assistance received. The stipend may also affect eligibility criteria for other federal financial assistance programs, including housing assistance, cash assistance, or federal childcare programs. Please consult a tax advisor for specific information pertaining to your individual situation. A list of organizations providing free financial consultation may be found here.

      To enroll, you must:

      • Submit this enrollment form.
      • Attest that your household income is at, or below, 100% AMI.
      • Submit signed W-9 form to the City via USPS mail, drop-off, or upload to secure website. (Important Note: this form will require your social security number or individual taxpayer identification number.

      Later, you will be asked to attest to the meetings that you attended and request payment.

      If automatic deposit is desired, a banking deposit authorization form will be required. Otherwise, a physical check will be issued and mailed to your address on file.

      Payment Schedule:

      Unless other arrangements are approved, check requests are anticipated as follows:

      • Meetings attended Jan. 1 - April 30 will be processed in May 2023.
      • Meetings attended May 1 - Sept. 30 will be processed in  Oct. 2023.
      • Meeting attended Oct. 1 - Dec. 31 will be processed in Jan. 2024.

      However, participant checks for those affiliated with the Independent Salary Commission will be processed in July 2023.

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