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Spring Soccer Program Survey 2019

  1. Which league did your family participate in?*
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  2. Registration
  3. How did you hear about Spring Soccer?*
  4. Were you aware of the February 15th deadline before you registered?*
  5. Overall Experience
  6. How was your experience with our program?*
  7. Please rate your experience in the following areas.
  8. Timeline and schedule of activities*
  9. Team formation process*
  10. Coach communication*
  11. League communication*
  12. Field set-up*
  13. Rules*
  14. Field Size*
  15. Officials*
  16. Registration*
  17. Pricing*
  18. In order to further improve our youth soccer program we will be recruiting coaches and parents in an opportunity to provide further information via surveys or focus groups. If you are interested in participating or learning more about these groups please enter your email below.
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