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Farmers Market Volunteer Application

  1. Volunteering with Issaquah Farmers Market

    The Issaquah Farmers Market is continuing to accept volunteers to assist with day of market activities throughout the farmers market season at Pickering Barn! Volunteering is a great chance for seniors, adults, and teens to participate in the market, and spend time sharing their skills and experiences with others.

    Volunteers can expect to doing a variety of tasks during market setup, operation, and tear down including tasks like setting up the market, placing tables and market materials out for public use, assisting vendors with their needs, monitoring the food court, monitoring loading zones, monitoring customer and pedestrian traffic, taking out trash, offering assistant at the market information booth, assisting with market teardown and closing activities, and much more.

    Volunteering is conducted outside, regardless of weather conditions. Volunteers should be prepared to lift items, carry items, and work outside in varying environmental conditions.

    On market days, volunteer hours are available from 7am and 3pm. The market is open to the public from 9am to 2pm Saturdays. To aid in scheduling, shifts are offered for volunteers in the morning and afternoon; the morning shift is from 7am to 11am, and the afternoon shift is from 11am to 3pm.

    Groups are encouraged to volunteer as well! If you represent a group who would like to volunteer at the market, please email with the size of your group, and details on your groups volunteering goals.

    Upon submission volunteer applications will be reviewed by Issaquah Farmers Market Management and if opportunities exist, will be contacted for scheduling, training, and any additional steps needed to begin volunteer service.

  2. Background Screening

    Please be advised that once a Parks and Recreation staff member contacts you to schedule a volunteering plan, we will check to see if your background check has been completed. Upon clicking submit you will be redirected to a page asking you to submit your background check request. All volunteers must have a background check completed before their first day volunteering.

  3. Applicant Information

  4. Volunteer Availability*

    Which time windows are you available to volunteer for do you prefer? 

    (Select all that apply)

  5. Select the date ranges you are available to volunteer. If you are available for the entire market season, you can set this to start May 1, and end September 30th.

    If your availability is more specialize or sporadic, feel free to note it in the Reason for Volunteering section above.

  6. Tell us a bit about why you are volunteering; what you enjoy about contributing through volunteer work, and your volunteer goals.

  7. Special Considerations

    Do you have any special considerations we should be aware of? (ie. mobility issues, schedule constraints, needs for community hours to be part of a tracked program for school or work)

  8. Tell us more about any considerations we should be aware of so we can support your volunteering.

  9. Assertions & Submission*

    By submitting this application, I acknowledge; (check to agree to each of the following statements).

    This agreement will be in effect for the duration of my volunteer service.

    Additionally, I understand and agree that:

    • I am not to appear for volunteer service under the influence of any drugs or alcohol; and my volunteer services commence when I appear for a training, exercise, or event, and not during transportation to/from the volunteer activity;
    • I understand the City does not provide worker's compensation coverage for my volunteer duties;
    • I give permission for photos/video taken of myself during volunteer activities to be used for publicity purposes, without recompense;
    • I understand that I am not to have child(ren) with me during my volunteer activities that are under 12 years old; those over 12 years old would submit a separate Volunteer Application;
    • I understand I am to be trained on any activity that I am unfamiliar with, learn corresponding policies, it is my responsibility to understand them completely or ask questions until I feel confident to perform them; and that private information I may see must be kept confidential;
    • the City shall inform me of any necessary personal protective equipment, as required for the scope of the activities by the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act, and I agree to utilize it;
    • the City may terminate this agreement at any time without cause and I understand I am volunteering my services at will and may be asked to discontinue without prior notice or reason, I may also terminate this agreement at any time without prior notice;
    • I may come into contact with children, the handicapped or elderly, therefore I consent to the City performing a background check into my history in accordance with RCW 43.43.834 and waive any right of privacy I may have in such information for the limited purpose of the City considering it for determining my suitability as a volunteer; and
    • I am fully aware of the special dangers and risks inherent in the activities that I may volunteer for on behalf of the City and I hereby assume all risk of liability. I also waive any right of recovery for myself, my heirs, executor, or personal representatives, from, or to bring suit against, the City and their responsive officers, officials, employees and volunteers, holding them harmless from any and all claims for any personal injury, loss, death, damage, or other consequences to myself arising out of my voluntary participation in any activity, except for injuries and damages caused by the sole negligence of the City.
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