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Contested Hearing by Email

  1. You may elect to seek a decision on written statement rather than appear for an in-court hearing. The below information must be filled out and, pursuant to IMC-CRLJ 3.5(b), must be received at least five days prior any previously set in-court hearing. The court will review your declaration and the police officer’s sworn statement and render a decision. If the infraction is found not committed the infraction will be dismissed and case closed. If the infraction is found committed, the penalty may stay the same or be reduced and the finding reported to the Department of Licensing. Photo Enforcement and parking violations do not appear on your driving record. If you are charged with No Proof of Insurance under RCW 46.30.020, and have proof that you are or were properly insured on the date of violation. Please include a copy of that proof along with your declaration.

    Pursuant to CRLJ 3.5(c) and IMC-CRLJ 3.5(e) there shall be no appeal from a decision on written statement.
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  3. You will be notified of the Court’s decision within 120 days of the date that you initially responded to the infraction(s) and provided further instructions regarding payment.

    I declare under penalty of perjury of the laws of the State of Washington that the above information and the information contained in the attachments hereto, is true and correct. I understand there can be no appeal from a decision on a written statement, pursuant to CRLJ 3.5 (e) and IMC-CRLJ 3.5 (e).
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