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City Council New Business Request

  1. PURPOSE **For elected official use only**

    This form is to be used by Councilmembers to bring forward items for City Council consideration outside of the established annual work plan. 

  3. REQUESTOR - Submitted by*

    • How did this issue come to your attention, e.g. community request, regional work, etc.? • What problem is this solving? •   What benefit, public or otherwise, would be gained? • What is the policy question for Council to consider? •  Are there connections to the City-wide Strategic Plan? • What is the budgetary and/or resource or staff impact? • Timing - Is there an urgency or time sensitivity? •  What is the impact of delay? • Is there other planned work that would be delayed or impacted as a result? • What is the recommended next step for Council review?


    Be prepared to present this item at the identified council meeting, under New Business.

    Per Council Rule 4.14, the proposal must receive approval by a majority of the City Council to be added to the work plan.

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