Why is traffic so challenging?

There are many factors that contribute to Issaquah’s traffic: 

  • Local neighbors – Many neighboring communities travel through Issaquah to reach I-90 or other regional destinations. For example, backups on Issaquah Hobart Road are a regional issue. 
  • Location/topography – Our beautiful mountains and lake also make it challenging to build efficient transportation networks. We also have man-made challenges, like a freeway dividing town. 
  • Past community decisions – Two alternatives have been proposed for another north-south route through Issaquah — a route across Tiger Mountain and another through Olde Town, via Third Avenue. Both proposals divided the community, and it was ultimately decided not to proceed with either. 
  • Region’s desirability – The Pacific Northwest is an attractive place to live. And more growth is coming. The Puget Sound Regional Council predicts 5.8 million people will live in the region by 2050. That’s why Issaquah is working to keep our community desirable by planning for transportation improvements.

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1. Why is traffic so challenging?
2. Besides the proposed sales tax to fund a few projects, what else is Issaquah doing to tackle traffic?
3. How will the proposed sales tax impact local businesses?
4. How long would the tax be in effect?
5. What else, other than transportation, can the tax be spent on?
6. How much does the City of Issaquah currently collect in sales tax?