Does the City have speed cameras?
Yes. The City's “photo enforcement program” along Second Avenue Southeast aims to increase safety and reduce speed violations near several Issaquah schools.

The cameras only operate during school days from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. The cameras monitor both directions of traffic along Second Avenue Southeast near the Clark Elementary School, Issaquah High School and Tiger Mountain High School corridor.

Only vehicles that exceed the school zone’s speed limit of 20 mph are photographed and videotaped.

Before the $124 infractions are mailed to the registered owners of speeding vehicles, the Issaquah Police Department reviews and confirms each violation.

The infraction is a non-criminal offense that, like a parking ticket, is not part of the violator’s driving record. Those who receive an infraction have the option of paying the fine in full, requesting a hearing or submitting a “declaration of non-responsibility.”

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