What are prohibited discharges?
Anything other than rainwater that enters a storm drain or stream is considered a prohibited discharge, subject to enforcement and penalties. This includes:
• Illicit connections to storm drainage systems or surface water, including sewers, process water, sump overflows, building drains, or other similar connections.
• Chemicals, petroleum products, paints, detergents, solvents, or other toxic materials.
• Trash, food waste, debris, animal waste, street cleaning waste or similar refuse.
• Unstabilized soils, pavement debris, or materials that can erode in an uncontrolled manner into drainage or surface water.
• Lawn clippings, leaves, branches, or other landscaping materials and yard debris deposited in a drainage facility or stream channel.
• Turbid water from construction site runoff, dewatering or other excavation activities.

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