Are all trees regulated and exactly what defines a “tree?”
In general, only trees that have a diameter at breast height (DBH) – i.e., a trunk diameter at 4.5 feet above the ground – of 6 inches or greater are regulated as trees in the City of Issaquah. Anything with a DBH smaller than 6 inches can be removed, pruned or altered – as long as it is not located in a critical area or buffer. There are a few exceptions to this rule that you should be aware of. First, when small trees (trees with DBHs smaller than 6 inches) are planted as part of mitigation for tree removal, these trees cannot be removed or altered until they have grown enough to meet criteria to be defined as a tree (i.e., until they reach 6 inches DBH). The City wants trees that are planted as mitigation to be protected until they actually become a regulated tree. Second, trees with multiple leaders at breast height (4.5 feet above the ground) may have a leader that is smaller than 6 inches and yet still be regulated as a tree. This is because trees with multiple leaders use the average leader diameter – the additive total diameter of all leaders divided by the number of leaders – measured at 6 inches above the point where the leaders digress. (And while we are discussing DBH and trees, please remember that all Landmark Trees – trees with a DBH greater than 30 inches – require an approved tree removal permit for removal or alteration.)

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5. Are all trees regulated and exactly what defines a “tree?”
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