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Posted on: November 14, 2023

Burglaries and DUIs in Issaquah

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The weekly crime blotter provides a local snapshot of crimes, arrests and other law enforcement activity in the City of Issaquah for the prior week. The blotter compiles incidents deemed noteworthy by IPD and does not include all calls, incidents or self-initiated activities handled by officers. To be respectful of privacy, exact addresses and victim/arrestee names are not included in this listing.

Call Highlights by Nature of Call

32 9-1-1 Problems (Emergencies)6 Disturbances

15 Thefts
6 Accidents / 3 Hit and Runs8 Hazardous Roadways
12 Unwanted Subjects
8 Agency Assists6 Noise Complaints5 Vehicle Prowls

17 Citizen Assists

29 Suspicious
17 Welfare Checks


IPD Weekly Crime Blotter

Call Type: Burglary (Commercial)

Time/Date: 0448, 11/06/23


Description: On 11/06/23, an alarm went off at a local business alerting officers to a possible burglary. When they arrived, they found the front door glass broken in and a handful of products stolen. The attending employee accessed the cameras which displayed a possibly light-skinned male breaking the glass to the front door and entering to steal product from the displays and run out, leaving in a stolen 2023 Dodge RAM van. Based on the footage, officers were able to recover the vehicle in Kent, WA as well as some of the product. There was additional stolen product from a jewelry store connected to another local case occurring minutes after this. All recovered merchandise was returned to the prospective businesses and King County AFIS was called in to fingerprint the premises. The case is actively under investigation. If you have any information, please call the IPD non-emergency line or our anonymous tip line.  

Call Type: Theft Report (Multiple Shoplifts)

Time/Date: Throughout day, 11/06/23

Location: Issaquah Commons Area

Description: On 11/06/23, there were multiple shoplifts reported. In several of these cases, officers were able to locate subjects witnessed concealing items and leaving stores based on the suspect descriptions given. After further review, the suspects in these cases were arrested on investigation of Theft in the 3rd Degree. 

NOTE: Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes in Issaquah. If you see something, say something! Let a store employee know what you saw and encourage them to call police. Not all stores have policies allowing them to call police and prosecute but if they do, IPD can send officers to assist in the apprehension of stolen merchandise. 

Call Type: Assault Report

Time/Date: 2147, 11/06/23

Location: 23200 BLK SE BLACK NUGGET RD

Description: Around 2147 hrs, a local resident called to report an associate of theirs had assaulted them in their home. The caller had invited the subject over to give them clothes when the subject began talking in a manner that didn’t make sense and began to get upset. The resident took out their phone when the subject took it from them and then began physically assaulting them before tossing the phone and leaving the residence. After further examination by officers, the subject was issued a criminal citation of arrest on investigation of Assault in the 4th Degree. 

Call Type: Citizen Assist (Friendly Kindergarteners!)

Time/Date: 1128, 11/07/23

Location: 130 E SUNSET WAY, IPD Lobby

Description: On 11/07/23, the Issaquah Police Department was received a very special surprise with the visit of a local kindergarten class who wanted to meet a police officer! Our officer spoke with the kids and gave them all stickers. Before leaving, the class gave the department special hand-drawn thank you cards that are presently displayed on our wall! 

NOTE: To the children who came in - THANK YOU FOR THE CARDS!!!! Both IPD dispatchers and our officers all love hearing from our young residents! We truly do post the colored pictures and cards from our young residents on the boards here! We even have some posted from several years ago still up! :)

Call Type: Welfare Check / Warrant

Time/Date: 2347, 11/07/23

Location: 1400 BLK HIGHLANDS DR NE

Description: Around 2347 hrs, a local employee flagged down officers stating a woman was acting strangely in the back of the store, talking to themselves and was possibly unwell. Responding officers were eventually able to get the woman’s name while they were walking the woman out of the store when it was discovered she had a warrant for her arrest out of Seattle and additionally was previously trespassed from the store they were presently in and was in criminal violation of said trespass order. The subject was then arrested on their warrant and trespass violation and booked into the Issaquah City Jail. 

Call Type: Suspicious / Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Time/Date: 2359, 11/09/23

Location: 1800 BLK 12TH AVE NW

Description: On 11/09/23, a concerned citizen called to report witnessing a blue Subaru that was stuck on the curb and possibly needed assistance. When officers arrived, the vehicle had been driven into a ditch and sustained front end damage to the vehicle. The occupant/ driver of the vehicle had additionally sustained injuries to the face, causing blood to flow from their nose down their person. Eastside Fire and Rescue was called to evaluate the subject. After clearing evaluation, further investigation determined the driver was not able to safely operate their vehicle and they were arrested on investigation of Driving Under the Influence. The subject was booked into the Issaquah City Jail after being sent to Swedish hospital for further medical evaluation. 

NOTE: DUI’s are more common than many would think. Please do not drink and drive, no matter the time of day. Avoid alcohol completely if you are driving as even ‘just one drink’ could put you over the limit. If you’re going to consume alcohol, have a designated driver or call for a ride. Not only is this safe for you, but for the community as well.

Call Type: Suspicious / Burglary Report

Time/Date: 0551, 11/10/23

Location: 5500 BLK 231ST AVE SE

Description: On 11/10/23, a caller reported a broken lamp in the roadway in front of a house that was supposed to be empty, and the door to the house was broken in. Upon arrival, the location was cleared by officers who found nobody on site. A walk through with the real estate agent determined multiple large home appliances were removed from the building and that the subjects took the key from the lockbox to gain entry to the home. While on scene, a neighbor contacted officers to mention they captured the suspects on video surveillance. This case is actively under investigation and if you or anyone you know has any information, please reach out via our non-emergency number or anonymous tip line. 

NOTE: The IPD Investigations team would like to put out a note of appreciation to both the HOA and the other neighbors who have already reached out with information and tips. This is an excellent example of how a community comes together and watches over one another. These tips have given our officers leads to investigate. 

Call Type: Fireworks

Time/Date: 1952, 11/12/23

Location: Multiple locations across Issaquah Highlands area

Description: Over the course of about 3 hours, there were multiple calls from residents reporting a group of young males lighting fireworks. In all instances, by the time officers arrived, the subjects were gone upon arrival.  


Source: Calls for Service records for 11/06/23 - 11/12/23, Spillman Dispatch System, Issaquah Police Department (IPD).

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