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Posted on: September 6, 2023

Speeding and DUIs in Issaquah

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The weekly crime blotter provides a local snapshot of crimes, arrests and other law enforcement activity in the City of Issaquah for the prior week. The blotter compiles incidents deemed noteworthy by IPD and does not include all calls, incidents or self-initiated activities handled by officers. To be respectful of privacy, exact addresses and victim/arrestee names are not included in this listing.

Call Highlights by Nature of Call

18 9-1-1 Problems (Emergencies)5 Disturbances17 Thefts
5 Accidents / 2 Hit and Runs38 Mental/Behavioral Health-Related4 Unwanted Subjects
13 Agency Assists
14 Hazardous Roadways5 Vehicle Thefts
15 Citizen Assists30 Suspicious
14 Welfare Checks


IPD Weekly Crime Blotter

Call Type: Traffic Offense (Speeding)

Time/Date: 0201, 09/04/23


Description: On 09/04/23, a male was witnessed driving at speeds over 60 mph on a 40mph street. When officers caught up to the subject and pulled them over, it was further discovered that the subject was driving without appropriate documentation, equipment, and insurance. The subject was arrested on investigation of Operating A Motor Vehicle Without Insurance or Valid ID, among other charges and booked into the Issaquah City Jail. 

Call Type: Vehicle Theft

Time/Date: 0747 09/04/23

Location: 100 BLK SKY RIDGE RD NW

Description: On 09/04/23 around 0747 hrs, an individual called to report their vehicle stolen. As officers arrived, they located the vehicle returned down the street. Items stolen included the purse, car keys, credit cards, cameras and camera equipment which were left in the vehicle overnight. Officers are reviewing footage from locations where the cards were used in hopes of potentially identifying the suspect.  

Call Type: Theft Reports (Multiple Shoplifts)

Time/Date: 1200-0100, 09/04/23

Location: 1600 BLK 11TH AVE NW

Description: Several calls came in around the same time frame reporting individuals concealing items from local businesses and leaving the premises, bypassing all points of sale, and exiting the store. When officers arrived, in every one of these cases, the suspect was identified, and all were arrested on investigation for Theft in the 3rd Degree. 

Call Type: Juvenile-Related (Large Fight)

Time/Date: 1554, 09/06/23

Location: 300 BLK RAINIER BLVD S

Description: On 09/06/23, a concerned citizen called to report witnessing a group of at least 80 children surrounding two young females who were fighting. The kids had dispersed and run off in varying directions before officers were able to arrive. Witness accounts stated the females walked behind a neighboring building along a trail. Officers followed the direction and searched for the subjects but were unable to locate them.  

Call Type: Suspicious (Attempted Vehicle Theft)

Time/Date: 1707, 09/06/23

Location: 900 BLK 12TH AVE NW

Description: Around 1707 hrs, a caller reported a Hispanic male subject ran from the woods and attempted to gain entry into their car while dropping a family member off. They were unable to lock the doors in time before the subject got into the vehicle and refused to exit. The caller was able to get out of the vehicle and call for help. Officers arrived and blocked the vehicle from making a getaway, before removing the non-compliant subject and arresting them on investigation of Vehicle Trespass and Resisting Arrest. 

NOTE: IPD would like to give kudos to the resident for remaining calm and getting out of the vehicle to make space between them and the suspect. You never know if a subject, who is willing to attempt to take your vehicle or other property from you so brazenly, has a weapon on them. It is always better to be safe and call for help immediately. 

Call Type: Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Time/Date: 0055, 09/07/23


Description: A vehicle was witnessed swerving between lanes and speeding on the freeway. When officers arrived, meeting the vehicle on its way into the Highlands, it was observed to be travelling at speeds near 80mph, well over the speed limit.  Officers pursued the vehicle and eventually were able to stop the car. After further investigation, it was determined the driver was not able to safely operate their vehicle and was arrested on investigation of Driving Under the Influence and booked at the Issaquah City Jail.

NOTE: There were multiple DUI’s this very night. Please do not drink and drive, no matter the time of day. Avoid alcohol completely if you are driving as even ‘just one drink’ could put you over the limit. If you’re going to consume alcohol, have a designated driver or call for a ride. Not only is this safe for you, but for the community as well.

Call Type: Assault In-Progress

Time/Date: 2118, 09/08/23

Location: 100 BLK FRONT ST N

Description: On 09/08/23, a call came in reporting a fight at a local restaurant and bar. A man reportedly came in for a meal and drinks before assaulting a man and grabbing a female employee who was trying to calm the situation down and refusing to let her go. The subject was held down by two male customers until officers could arrive and detain the suspect. After gathering statements, the suspect was arrested on investigation of Assault in the 4th Degree and transported to the Issaquah Jail. 

Call Type: Weapons Offense / Juvenile-Related

Time/Date: 2012, 09/09/23


Description: Multiple calls came in reporting a light-colored sedan, possibly an older Audi, with four teenage males shouting and shooting plastic pellets at passerbys. Officers searched the area for the vehicle but were unable to locate a vehicle or individuals matching the descriptions. One caller reported a welt injury from a pellet but beyond this, no other injuries were reported. 

NOTE: Parents, please be aware that these Orbeez gel and soft pellet guns closely resemble firearms, and a simple prank could easily turn into a harmful situation. Even though this is not considered a deadly weapon, firing on individuals is a crime and individuals can be held responsible, especially if injuries result from such pranks. Please use caution before purchasing such toys for your kids and make sure to have the appropriate conversations with your kids about handling them. 


Source: Calls for Service records for 09/04/23 - 09/10/23, Spillman Dispatch System, Issaquah Police Department (IPD).

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