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The original item was published from 3/8/2023 9:12:02 AM to 4/26/2023 12:00:05 AM.

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Police: Crime Blotter

Posted on: March 7, 2023

[ARCHIVED] Broken Toilets and Peeping Toms in Issaquah

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The weekly crime blotter provides a local snapshot of crimes, arrests and other law enforcement activity in the City of Issaquah for the prior week. The blotter compiles incidents deemed noteworthy by IPD and does not include all calls, incidents or self-initiated activities handled by officers. To be respectful of privacy, exact addresses and victim/arrestee names are not included in this listing.

Call Highlights by Nature of Call

3 Accidents9 Hazardous Roadways
21 Thefts
9 Agency Assists4 Hit & Runs
5 Unwanted Subjects
4 Attempted Suicides5 Juvenile-Related 
7 Vehicle Prowls
12 Citizen Assists4 Noise Complaints4 Vehicle Thefts
8 Disturbances38 Suspicious8 Welfare Checks


IPD Weekly Crime Blotter

Call Type: Burglary In-Progress

Time/Date: 0200, 02/27/23

Location: 400 BLK NW Gilman BLVD

Description: On 02/27/23, IPD dispatch was advised that two white males wearing all black and masks broke into a gated area of a local business and stole a pallet of amazon packages before leaving in a white Chevrolet flatbed truck. Officers have attempted to contact the business’ inspection office who handles investigations of this kind to get video footage and is still awaiting response.   

Call Type: Malicious Mischief

Time/Date: 0930, 02/27/23

Location: 1000 BLK NE Park DR

Description: At approximately 0930 hrs, a city employee called to report two toilets in the park bathroom had been destroyed sometime over the weekend. A large rock was observed in the photos of the incident and was deemed to be the object used to cause the damage. Unfortunately, there are no witnesses or video/photographic documentation that can lead to the identification of suspects. 

Call Type: Suspicious (Mail Thefts)

Time/Date: 1130, 02/27/23

Location: 500 BLK MT Cedar DR SW

Description: On 02/27/23, a call was received by concerned citizens reporting witnessing mail thefts 2 hours earlier in the morning. The vehicle was described as an older Japanese sedan with a loud exhaust which drove by each house in their neighborhood before parking on the side and discarding mail and packages out of their vehicle window. Unfortunately, due to the timing of when the incident was reported, officers were unable to locate the vehicle but were able to gather some of the discarded mail to identify who may have been hit.  

NOTE: If you see something suspicious, say something! Even if it turns out to be nothing, it is better to report it. Mail thefts are those in which multiple victims can be hit in a short manner of time. If you see suspicious activity, report the incident as soon as possible as you may be able to help many victims at once. Especially since criminals may return to neighborhoods they deem good targets. 

Call Type: Suspicious (Multiple Peeping Tom-Related)

Time/Date: 2232, 02/27/23

Location: 22000 BLK SE 56th ST

Description: Around 2232 hrs, a local resident reported seeing a transient Hispanic male in the green belt behind their home looking in their window. The subject was noted as wearing a black or blue rain jacket. Responding officers were able to locate a subject matching that description next to the caller’s home but as the caller declined follow-up contact, officers were unable to confirm they had located the peeping tom. Without being able to contact the subject or get a statement, officers requested the subject leave the property and not return. 


NOTE: Two days after the incident, the caller again contacted police and provided a statement. IPD is most grateful for the assistance and is working to re-locate the suspect in the incident. In the last month, IPD has received multiple calls in neighboring areas regarding a middle age transient male, possible Hispanic, looking into windows or watching women from a distance. In several of these cases, charges were not requested, or callers declined statements. While we know and understand that these types of calls can be frightening, please know that without your help we are limited in what we can do. A positive identification and subsequent victim statement are necessary to move forward in an arrest. IPD is seeking the public assistance in solving these cases and is asking anyone with information about suspicious incidents or peeping toms to contact the department. 

Call Type: Unwanted Subjects

Time/Date: 1142, 02/28/23

Location: 400 BLK NW Gilman BLVD 

Description: On 02/28/23 a concerned resident called to report a camp of 3 tents while passing a local business. Officers investigated and found that neither the occupants nor the business who owns the property, wish to move the tents and transients living there. Without either’s cooperation, nothing can be done. The officers called back the resident to let them know the situation. 

NOTE: Four days later, the business called to notify us they will proceed with trespassing the encampment on their property. IPD is now working to find a longer-term solution for those living on the premises. 

Call Type: Theft In-Progress

Time/Date: 1924, 02/28/23

Location: 700 BLK NW Gilman BLVD

Description: Around 1924 hrs, while on patrol, an officer noticed a local business’ loss prevention employee following what appeared to be a transient male with his arms full of merchandise. After contacting the employee, they confirmed the subject had stolen the items and the officer proceeded to contact the suspect. The suspect was uncooperative and tried to turn on the officer but was successfully arrested on investigation of Theft in the 3rd Degree and Resisting Arrest.  

Call Type: Suspicious/ DV

Time/Date: 0009, 03/01/23

Location: 23000 BLK SE Black Nugget RD

Description: On 03/01/23, a good Samaritan called reporting hearing screaming coming from a neighboring unit and then caught on camera, a male wearing a green jacket running out with a child and getting into a black Escalade while a woman chased after him. Officers were able to find the woman, and mother of the child, who stated that the father of her child was supposed to drop off child support but instead pepper sprayed her in the face, grabbed the child and ran. She tried to pursue him but while driving, found all her tires had been cut and had to stop. Responding officers were able to confirm this story and provided resources to the mother. The father of the child was charged with Assault in the 4th Degree DV and Exposing a Child to DV and the case was referred to the prosecutor’s office for review.  

NOTE: IPD would like to thank the resident who reported the situation and further caught it on camera. Their efforts helped identify a criminal situation and help someone in need.  

Call Type: Juvenile-Related

Time/Date: 1324, 03/01/23

Location: Newport Way NW & NW Juniper ST

Description: Around 1324 hrs, three juveniles were observed destroying property and attempting to flip over a porta potty/ portable toilet. Officers instructed them to drag the porta potty back and to place it upright, which they did without issue.  

Call Type: Vehicle Prowl

Time/Date: 0616, 03/02/23

Location: 1800 BLK NW GILMAN BLVD

Description: On 03/02/23, a man reported waking up to discover his rear window broken out of his vehicle. Reportedly stolen from the car was a gold set of Wilson golf clubs, a bicycle GPS unit, a watch and a bag full of other items which were unfortunately left out in view. There are no witnesses or video/camera footage of the incident at this time.

Call Type: Warrant/ Theft

Time/Date: 1022, 03/02/23

Location: 6100 BLK East Lake Sammamish PKWY SE

Description: While patrolling the community, an officer came across a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of a local business. After running the license plate, it was found that the owner of the vehicle had a warrant for their arrest. When the owner came back to their vehicle, the person was notified of their rights and detained. However, while detained, it was found that they had just shoplifted from a local business. All merchandise was returned, and the subject was additionally charged for Theft in the 3rd Degree and booked into the Issaquah City Jail.   

Call Type: Vehicle Prowl (Multiple)

Time/Date: Throughout the morning of 03/02/23

Location: 1600 BLK Ridge View Ave NE

Description: On 03/02/23, multiple reports were received stating vehicles had been broken into while parked inside a secure residential parking garage. Majority of the vehicles had windows shattered, indicating the method of entry. A handful had no broken windows but were potentially left unlocked as the method of entry. Items from various vehicles were found strewn about near other cars. Unfortunately, there is no camera footage of the incident or any witnesses. 

Call Type: Suspicious

Time/Date: 1310, 03/03/23

Location: 20000 BLK SE 83rd PL

Description: A call was received on 03/03/23 from a concerned resident reporting a red sedan parked behind their residence for over an hour. The caller advised the occupants of the vehicle walked down a trail going behind their home. Upon arrival, officers discovered the owner of the vehicle had multiple warrants for their arrest and walked down the trail to find the occupants. One of the occupants was cleared but the other resisted arrest and a pursuit ensued. Officers were able to catch up to the suspect, who then attempted to take their life. The suspect was taken to the hospital for treatment before being cleared and booked into jail for their warrants and on investigation of two counts of Obstruction. 

Call Type: Citizen Assist (US CDC Notification)

Time/Date: 1410, 03/04/23

Location: 130 E Sunset Way, Issaquah Police Station

Description: A regional representative from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requested contact with an officer to discuss upcoming activity in the area. We were notified that CDC personnel will be in the area on 03/08/23 or so, conducting a survey of select residents from certain apartment buildings. 

Call Type: Juvenile-Related

Time/Date: 2048, 03/04/23

Location: 900 BLK NE Ingram Way

Description: On 03/04/23, a call was received reporting that a group of juveniles were at the caller’s location wanting to fight their child and additionally had information suggesting some of the juveniles had weapons on their persons. Officers were sent to the location and searched the area for the said group of juveniles but did not find any.  

Call Type: Suspicious (Reckless Burning)

Time/Date: 2217, 03/05/23

Location: 1000 BLK 17th AVE NW

Description: On 03/05/23, IPD dispatchers noticed an individual on camera surveillance, lighting a fire in a local business parking garage. The subject set personal items on fire to keep warm using an economy size bag of alcohol hand sanitizer and a BBQ style lighter. Officers put out the fire with water and arrested the subject on investigation of Reckless Burning and Trespassing.


Source: Calls for Service records for 02/27/23 - 03/05/23, Spillman Dispatch System, Issaquah Police Department (IPD).

Previous Blotters are available on the Blotter feed. To view older archived blotters, view the Archives.

For more police-related data and statistics, please visit the IPD Data Page!

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