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The original item was published from 2/1/2023 10:38:29 AM to 2/1/2023 10:40:32 AM.

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Police: Crime Blotter

Posted on: January 24, 2023

[ARCHIVED] Shoplifting and Stolen Buzzers in Issaquah

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The weekly crime blotter provides a local snapshot of crimes, arrests and other law enforcement activity in the City of Issaquah for the prior week. The blotter compiles incidents deemed noteworthy by IPD and does not include all calls, incidents or self-initiated activities handled by officers. To be respectful of privacy, exact addresses and victim/arrestee names are not included in this listing.

Call Highlights by Nature of Call

10 Accidents11 Disturbances50 Suspicious
13 Agency Assists4 Domestic Violence19 Thefts
4 Attempted Suicides6 Fraud5 Unwanted Subjects
3 Burglaries5 Juvenile-Related2 Vehicle Thefts
21 Citizen Assists6 Reckless Driving16 Welfare Checks


IPD Weekly Crime Blotter

Call Type: Agency Assist

Date/Time: 01/23/23, 0824

Location: 700 BLK 2nd AVE SE

Description: On 01/23/23, a call was received reporting a student was found having ingested an unknown quantity of marijuana-laced brownies. The student was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Call Type: Citizen Assist

Date/Time: 01/23/23, 1448

Location: Police Station, 130 Sunset Way East

Description: Around 1448 hrs, an individual walked into the police department lobby to report their cell phone provider had the incorrect social security number on their account. They were advised to contact a provider-associated store to resolve the issue and return should anything change.

Call Type: Malicious Mischief

Date/Time: 01/23/23, 2055

Location: 4000 BLK West Lake Sammamish PKWY

Description: A call was received on 01/23/23 reporting ongoing displays of antisemitic actions against a Jewish caller. Unknown suspect(s) reportedly continue to etch swastikas in the communal elevator, damage their Judaism-related décor, and steal packages. IPD takes this type of criminal activity seriously and the caller has been advised to install cameras while the case is transferred to the Investigations division.

Call Type: Disturbance

Date/Time: 01/24/23, 1745

Location: 700 BLK NW Gilman BLVD

Description: On 01/24/23, an employee from a local business called to report a disturbance. A customer was observed reportedly attempting to steal tomatoes when the employee confronted them. An argument ensued and a second subject then pushed the employee. Officers responded and arrested the second subject for assault.   

Call Type: Welfare Check

Date/Time: 01/25/23, 1857

Location: 1400 BLK Highlands DR NE

Description: Around 1857 hrs, a local business reported a male sleeping on the floor of a women’s restroom. Responding officers were able to wake the subject, who refused medical assistance. After review of their identification, the subject was arrested on an issued warrant.

Call Type: Welfare Check

Date/Time: 01/26/23, 2003

Location: 700 BLK NW Gilman BLVD

Description: On 01/26/23, a concerned citizen called to request patrol escort them and an employee to their vehicles after an unknown subject made a suspicious statement earlier in the day. Officers helped the individuals to their cars safely.

Call Type: Suspicious

Date/Time: 01/27/23, 1224

Location: Police Station, 130 Sunset Way East

Description: On 01/27/23, an intoxicated individual came into the police department for service. They became agitated, stole the service buzzer/signaling device, and pulled the building fire alarms before fleeing on a bicycle.  Officers were able to apprehend the individual and return the service buzzer.

Call Type: Burglary

Date/Time: 01/27/23, 1226

Location: 5000 BLK 221st PL SE

Description: Around 1226 hrs on 01/27/23, 5 storage units were burglarized from a local business. IPD is awaiting further information and video footage from the business to investigate further.

Call Type: Theft In-Progress

Date/Time: 01/27/23, 2217

Location: 700 BLK NW Gilman BLVD

Description: While on patrol, an officer noticed an individual attempting to conceal items. As the officer approached the subject to talk to them, an employee from the store ran out reporting the subject had just stolen items. The subject ran but was apprehended and arrested for Theft. All merchandise was recovered.  

Call Type: Juvenile-Related

Date/Time: 01/28/23, 2110

Location: 900 BLK NE High ST

Description: On 01/28/23, a concerned citizen called to report 3 juveniles throwing rocks, potentially at vehicles. It is unclear who or what the rocks were being thrown at. The responding officer was not able to locate any juveniles in the area.


Source: Calls for Service records for 01/22/23 - 01/29/23, Spillman Dispatch System, Issaquah Police Department (IPD).

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