Deferred Finding

A deferred finding is a way to keep a ticket from appearing on your driving record. By law, you may only have one deferral every seven years for a moving violation and one every seven years for a non-moving violation. Commercial Driver's License holders are NOT eligible for deferrals.

If you are granted a deferred finding, you will be required to pay an administrative fee, have no traffic infractions or criminal charges within the deferral period and may be required to comply with other conditions. The deferral period is usually one year from the date the deferral is granted.

If you comply with all conditions of the deferred finding, the charge will be dismissed at the end of the deferral period. If you fail to comply with any condition of the deferred finding, a finding of committed will be entered and forwarded to the Department of Licensing. You will be required to pay the original amount of the citation, in addition to the administrative fee.

Once you have requested a deferred finding, this request is final. You may not change your mind after making the request.

If you receive a new law violation within the deferral period, you should contact the court immediately to avoid additional penalties, license suspension and collection action.

You can request a deferral by mail (PDF). Before requesting any hearing by mail, please read the form in its entirety.