To request an in to person contested hearing, you must check the appropriate box on the ticket and mail it or bring it to the court within 18 days.

  • By requesting a contested hearing, you are telling the court that you believe you did not commit the infraction you were cited with.
  • The judge will decide whether or not the infraction was committed based on a preponderance of the evidence.
  • If the judge finds the infraction committed, the penalty may stay the same or be reduced. The violation will be reported to the Department of Licensing and will be reflected on your driving record.
  • If the case is found not committed, the infraction will not be reflected on your driving record.
  • You may, at your own expense, hire an attorney to represent you at the hearing.
  • You may subpoena witnesses by filing a subpoena request form (PDF). Please call the court for additional information.
  • If you have already requested a hearing and choose to hire an attorney or subpoena witnesses, your court date will likely change.

You may request a contested hearing by mail (PDF). Before requesting any hearing by mail, please read the form in its entirety. Hearings by mail may not be appealed. The judge's decision will be final.