Issaquah Parks & Recreation Preschool has been addressing the need for a community-based, part-time preschool since 1996.

The excellent and experienced teaching staff works to promote the success of three main goals:

  1. Foster and encourage socialization
  2. Teach and increase cooperation
  3. Enhance listening skills

The program also provides opportunities for intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth, with the ultimate objective being kindergarten readiness.

2020-2021 School Year

Preschool is continuing in a modified format while the impact of COVID-19 is felt in our community. We are currently offering a combination of in-person class time, at-home activities and virtual get-togethers. As guidelines from King County Public Health change, our program will adapt.

In compliance with King County Public Health guidelines, the classroom ratio will be 5 children:1 teacher. Each child will attend Preschool in-person, one day per week for a 2-hour block, 8:45–10:45 a.m. The Issaquah School District elementary school online schedule was considered when creating the class time frame.

The small group classes will follow a schedule similar to our traditional half-day Preschool program. Each day will include Free Play, Individual Teacher Instruction, Circle Time, Recess and a Group Learning Activity or Art Project.   

Upon leaving Preschool each week, children will receive a package of both academic and fun activities to work on at home. Activities may include practice writing sheets, craft project directions and supplies, scavenger hunts and coloring pages. These weekly activities will expand on what was just taught during class to further develop your child’s skills. 

Finally, we plan to introduce a weekly half-hour virtual Show & Tell session toward the end of September. This would be an opportunity for all children to interact with each other and verbally share a favorite item at home.

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