Reporting Leaks

Report water leaks at the water meter (located in the City's right-of-way) to 425-837-3470.

Leaks between the water meter and your home - including inside of your home - are the homeowner's responsibility.

Finding Leaks

If you suspect a water leak - which is usually reflected in a higher-than-usual water usage bill - ask these questions to help determine what the cause might be:

  • In the past, have there been any water leaks, especially associated with piping, the water heater, washing machine hose or plumbing fixtures (including toilets)?
  • Do you ever have to "jiggle" the handle of the toilet?
  • Do you ever hear water running when the house is quiet and you are sure that nothing is using water at that time?
  • Have you had any company that could be using extra water?
  • Have you had any pressure washing done to the roof, siding, walkways or driveway?
  • Do you have an irrigation system and have there been any breaks?
  • What are the settings of your irrigation system and how many gallons per minute does it use?
  • Are there any faucet leaks, even drips?