Hydrant Use Permits

Summary of Hydrant Use Program

The City of Issaquah allows access to bulk water using fire hydrants on a temporary basis. A Hydrant Use Permit (HUP) is required for all temporary water use from the City of Issaquah water system.

HUPs are available by appointment at the City of Public Works Operations Maintenance Facility, 670 First Avenue N.E. Please send an email or call 425-837-3470 to schedule an appointment.

HUPs are valid for one year, beginning from date of issuance. A non-refundable permit fee, along with any equipment rental deposits, are due at time of issuance. Only cash or checks are accepted for payment of the permit fee and applicable deposits.


Permit Fee and Deposit Charges

Non-Refundable Charges:

Fee TypePrice
Hydrant Use Permit Fee $50

Refundable Deposits:

Deposit TypePrice
2-inch Hydrant Meter $950
2-inch DCVA $500
6-foot Hose $125

Water Usage Charges

Permit holders will also be responsible for the cost of the bulk water that they use. Bulk water charges are:

Hydrant Use Fixed Fee $46.01
Each 100 cubic feet of water used, up to 800 cubic feet$4.57
Each 100 cubic feet of water used, over 800 cubic feet$7.06

Additional Requirements

  • Water drawn from the City of Issaquah water system cannot be transported outside City limits — water remaining in the tank at job completion is exempt from this policy.
  • City of Issaquah requires that a standard fire hydrant wrench and auxiliary water fill valve (tank vehicles only) be available for inspection at time the permit is issued.
  • Air gap inspection: Bring your truck to Public Works Operations, 670 First Avenue N.E., for inspection. The requirement is 2 X fill pipe diameter.

Return of Deposits

Deposits will be refunded when any rented equipment is returned undamaged. Any damage to equipment will be deducted from the deposit before a refund will be issued.