Urban Agriculture

Pickering Demonstration Garden

Eat Local

A movement is sweeping our country: local food grown at or close to your home. The benefits of local food are significant and include:

  • Lower carbon footprint and less air pollution
  • Economic diversity through support of local farms
  • Local preservation of open space
  • Greater variety
  • Fresher, tastier and healthier food

Local Food Production

There are a number of resources in Issaquah supporting local food production.

Issaquah Community Garden

Reflecting a desire among our residents for more community garden space, the City of Issaquah created the Issaquah Community Garden at Confluence Park.

Issaquah Farmers Market

The Issaquah Farmers Market is held every Saturday, from May to September. Visit for fantastic produce, meat and food from local farmers!

Pea Patches

Issaquah currently has two community-run pea patches. One is located in the Issaquah Flatland Community Garden and another can be found at Issaquah Highlands.