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City of Issaquah residents are served by Recology CleanScapes.

Contact your hauler for more information about:

New Contract

The City’s previous contract with Cleanscapes/Recology was signed in 2012, with extremely low rates due to the economy and competition at the time. The City exercised all extensions to keep rates for our residents as low as possible, but that contract ended on June 30, 2023.

Based on feedback from residents and proposals from multiple regional haulers, City Council chose to create a new contract with Recology which did include an increase in rates, but also an increase in overall level of service. That contract went into effect July 1, 2023. The new contract rates are competitive within the Puget Sound region.

Reduce Your Waste and Waste Bill

Your bill is based on the size of your garbage container; recycling and compost are already included.

Reducing your household waste is easy to do and best of all, it will save you money. More than 30 percent of most household garbage is either paper packaging or food scraps.

You can recycle all kinds of plastic coated, taped and stapled cardboard, mail pieces and packaging. You can compost yard waste, food-soiled paper and napkins, pizza delivery boxes and kitchen scraps. Learn more about what goes in each bin and how to recycle other items here.

Discounts for Qualifying Residents

Wildlife Resistant Carts

Update: Bear Resistant Canisters are currently on back-order. We will provide an update once that changes.

Recology offers two types of wildlife-resistant carts. Both types are designed to resist bears and other wildlife, but neither is “bear-proof.” Removing temptation is the best way to keep bears and other animals away from your home, family, and neighbors. Put your cart out on the morning of service, not the night before, and store it inside so that animals cannot get to it. 

To request a wildlife-resistant cart: Email or call Recology at 425-837-1234.

Service to Your Business

Are you a business? See our commercial garbage, recycling and composting page.