Commercial Garbage, Recycling & Composting

Garbage & Recycling for Business

All commercial garbage services in Issaquah are provided by Recology CleanScapes. Visit the company’s website for more information about:

  • Setting up service and rates
  • Recycling
  • Food waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Service issues

Recycling for Business

Commercial recycling service in Issaquah is offered by the following companies.

To sign up for service:

Composting for Business

Commercial compost service in Issaquah is offered by Recology CleanScapes and Cedar Grove. To sign up for service:

Plastic Bags

In 2012, the Issaquah City Council adopted a law that bans single-use, plastic carryout bags at retail stores. The plastic bag ban took effect in March 2013 and followed a phased approach. View the City of Issaquah ordinance and view our plastic bag ban flyer (PDF) for more information. 

Food Service Packaging

In 2009, the Issaquah City Council adopted a law requiring food service businesses (including restaurants, grocers, coffee shops and other food sellers) to only use recyclable or compostable food service containers and service ware, and provide compost and recycling collection for customers. Foods that are pre-packaged before they are received by a business are not included in this law. View the City of Issaquah city ordinance and view and download an informational flyer (PDF).

Wildlife Resistant Carts

Recology offers two types of wildlife-resistant carts. Both types are designed to resist bears and other wildlife, but neither is “bear-proof.” Removing temptation is the best way to keep bears and other animals away. Put your cart out on the morning of service, not the night before, and store it inside so that animals cannot get to it. 

To request a wildlife-resistant cart:

  • Call Recology at 425-837-1234 or email

Visit the Recology website for more information.


  • Many common but unusual items such as foam block, building materials, office furniture, batteries (primary and rechargeable), electronics, small mostly metal items, and others cannot be thrown in curbside recycling. 
    • Please find local drop-off sites via King County’s What Do I Do With..?, or 
    • The visit the Department of Ecology’s website or call1-800-RECYCLE
  • Recology explains what is recyclable in Issaquah
  • Recology provides Recycling, Composting, and Hazardous Waste information

Questions / Complaints

Have questions or complaints related to commercial garbage options? Please feel free to let us know by email.