Sustainable Living

Sustainability is a top priority of our community and it is embodied throughout our City's vision and guiding principles. You or your business can help support the City's vision by taking steps to reduce your own impact on our environment.

Saving Energy
Energy production comes with various environmental and health impacts. Learn about ways to reduce your energy use at home and identify renewable energy options to help protect the environment and save on utility bills.

Water Conservation
Recent droughts, increased temperatures and decreased snowpack make conserving water an important issue. Learn how to use water wisely to help meet the needs of people, businesses, natural resources and wildlife.

Pollution Prevention
The City, which values clean water in our streams and promotes the protection of water quality, offers many resources for both residents and businesses.

Waste Reduction
While Recycling and Composting is a better option than landfilling our waste, reducing the amount of waste we produce overall will make the most impact on the planet. The City provides many resources for reducing your consumption.

Urban Agriculture
Food grown at or close to home provides many significant community benefits including a lower carbon footprint, supporting local farms and keeping profits in our community. Learn more about supporting local food at our farmers markets, or grow it in our community pea patches.