Sustainable Business

In 2021, Issaquah adopted our Issaquah Climate Action Plan, laying out actions and strategies to address Climate Change at the local level. Our Issaquah businesses can play a major role in furthering sustainability goals at both the local and national level. Promotion of our city’s certification and ongoing commitments to sustainability can draw customers, workers, visitors and new businesses to our community.

LEED Certification

In 2023, in recognition of the community’s many years of commitment to improving the environment and quality of life, the City of Issaquah became LEED Gold Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. This achievement is a recognition of all the work being done in our community and we hope it can help businesses further their own sustainability work.  

Review the materials below to see how the City of Issaquah can support your business in furthering climate action.

Interested in posting about sustainability on social media? The City put together template language you can use! 

Draft Social Media Posts

Sample Posts

“Proud to be a business located in the LEED Gold Certified City of Issaquah! Building a sustainable and resilient community takes all of us – residents, governments, and businesses”

“Proud to be an Issaquah business located in a LEED Gold Certified City! Read more about our sustainability initiatives here: [Photo] [Link]”

“With the Issaquah Climate Action Plan, our community has shown that building a #sustainable, #resilient Issaquah is a priority! We are proud to be a part of this journey by [insert sustainable action taken]”

“Being a business in Issaquah means we are committing to being a leader in sustainable business practices. Therefore [insert company name] commits to [insert sustainability commitment/action]”

“#DYK? Issaquah is now #LEED Gold Certified under the @USGBC #LEEDCities rating system! [Insert sustainability goal/action] is how [insert business name] is contributing to sustainability efforts in our community!”

“We know that sustainability is important to the Issaquah community. That is why we are doing our part by [insert sustainability effort]”