Resilience Hubs

Resilience Hubs 

The City of Issaquah is working in collaboration with partners across the City to explore the possibility of Resilience Hubs in our community. 

What is a Resilience Hub?

According to the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN), “Resilience Hubs are community-serving facilities augmented to support residents, coordinate communication, distribute resources, and reduce carbon pollution while enhancing quality of life. Resilience Hubs can meet a myriad of physical and social goals by utilizing a trusted physical space such as a community center, recreation facility, or multi-family housing building as well as the surrounding infrastructure such as a vacant lot, community park, or local business.”  

Project Development

Early efforts of this project include establishing project goals, defining criteria to evaluate potential Resilience Hubs, identifying potential Resilience Hub sites, conducting early solar and battery storage feasibility studies, and enhancing communication among service providers. These early efforts will help set the stage for recommendations on implementing Resilience Hubs in Issaquah.  

Once these early efforts have been finished, the City of Issaquah and partners expect to focus on implementing Resilience Hub recommendations. This could include augmenting existing resilience programming, improving communication systems, and enhancing designated Resilience Hub facilities.  

Cities across the country are exploring and implementing Resilience Hubs, including nearby Cities such as Seattle and Tacoma. For more information about Resilience Hubs, please visit the USDN website. For more information about the City of Issaquah project, please reach out to the Sustainability team.  


The City of Issaquah was successful in receiving a Solar Plus Storage for Resilient Communities Planning Grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce to assist with solar and battery storage feasibility analyses at potential Resilience Hub sites. This work will inform implementation of resilient power systems on Resilience Hub sites that can result in improved operation of community-serving facilities during disruption events such as power outages.  

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