Adopt a Drain

Leaves over drain

Adopt a Storm Drain

Join volunteers across the City of Issaquah and the nation to reduce flooding and protect our streams and lakes!

Adopting a drain is easy! We ask that you choose a residential drain you can commit 15 minutes to, twice a month. This commitment includes monitoring, clearing leaves and litter, and reporting your work. 

Volunteers create positive change by:

  • Reducing water pollution in our lakes, creeks, streams, and Puget sound.
  • Increasing habitat quality for fish and other wildlife
  • Preventing flooding
  • Helping our city maintain our infrastructure, especially in fall and winter when falling leaves block drains.

Getting Started

Before you clear your first drain, sign up through our partner, Hamline University of Minnesota Adopt-a-Drain to be a part of this national movement.

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