Proposed Transportation Funding


Traffic is already a problem, and it’s not going away. 

Issaquah’s recent community survey results declared that our community's No. 1 priority is improving traffic flow. 

That’s why Issaquah is tackling traffic in a variety of ways, including a proposal to increase sales tax by 0.1% to fund transportation-related projects.  

Funding Details 

This new funding tool for Issaquah would diversify the City’s limited funding options to address traffic. 

If the City Council approves the sales tax this fall, the 0.1 percent increase is estimated to cost the average Issaquah resident about $36 a year – and raise about $2.2 million annually for transportation projects. 

A sales tax ensures that everyone who uses the City’s transportation network – from residents to visitors (who pay more than half of Issaquah's sales tax) – help pay for future improvements. 

Future Projects 

The additional funds would enable Issaquah to further invest in transportation projects. Priority projects in the near term include: 

  • Leveraging technology to get around town. Modernizing the City’s 20-year-old Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) can reduce wait times at signals, and enhance safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Providing more options for drivers to leave their vehicles at home – and instead use sidewalks and bike lanes. Adding non-motorized improvements along the “pinch point” of Northwest Sammamish Road – will increase multi-modal options along a main east/west corridor in North Issaquah.  


Before voting on this plan, the City Council wants to hear from you! Provide feedback at the following events: 

Can’t attend? Please provide your comments below and they will be shared with Mayor Pauly and City Council.


Learn More 

What else is the City doing to tackle traffic? Learn more in a FAQ.