The Probation Division of the Issaquah Municipal Court provides assessments and offender supervision in a judge-supervised probation model. Probation officers monitor compliance with probation conditions as directed by the court.

Due to the nature of our business, probation is not an appropriate place for children. Please do not bring children to your probation appointments.

Leaving Washington

Considering moving out of state? There have been many changes that may affect offenders who wish to move out of state. If you want to move out of the State of Washington, please speak with your probation officer immediately.


A list of agencies is offered by the Issaquah Municipal Court solely for your convenience. Inclusion on this list by the court should not be construed as an endorsement for any particular treatment provider or the quality of services rendered. You are solely responsible for locating and contracting for the appropriate treatment services. This list is periodically updated. View a list of agencies (PDF).