Squak Mountain Non-Motorized Improvement Plan



The City of Issaquah is studying the existing conditions and future needs for people walking, biking, driving, and living on the 12th Avenue NW/Mt. Olympus Drive NW roadway corridor.

The purpose of this study is to develop a preferred concept to add non-motorized facilities, which will improve connections for pedestrians and bicyclists between the Squak Mountain neighborhood and areas such as Tibbetts Valley Park, Issaquah Transit Center, and Central Issaquah.


The 12th Avenue NW/Mt Olympus Drive NW roadway corridor is one lane in each direction with narrow shoulders. This study will address missing non-motorized facilities for the Squak Mountain neighborhood to provide safe and equitable access.

Next Steps 

The intent of the Squak Mountain Non-Motorized Improvement Plan is to prepare concept alternatives that will weave together sound technical analysis and meaningful community involvement throughout the study. Right now, the City is gathering feedback from residents on concerns, desires, and goals for the 12th Avenue NW/Mt. Olympus Drive NW corridor. This feedback will help inform the remainder of the study, including development of a preferred concept that we will bring forward for Council approval.

Community Input Opportunity 

Tell us what your priorities for the project are! Your feedback will help drive the study and future concept options. 

A survey was open in July and August. Thank you to those who provided feedback.


  • May 2023: Project Launch 
  • July 2023: Community Survey
  • Fall & Winter 2023: City develops alternatives 
  • Winter & Spring 2024: Phase 2 of community engagement to gather input on proposed alternatives 
  • Spring & Summer 2024: City develops preferred alternative
  • Summer & Fall 2024: Seeking approval of preferred alternative from Boards and Council
  • TBD: Construction (pending funding)