Data Dashboards


The City strives to be a data driven organization. Below are a series of data dashboards, separated by topic. 

Climate Action Plan Dashboard

Climate Action

The Climate Action Plan (ICAP) dashboard visualizes the plan's progress. This plan seeks to mitigate adverse climate impacts and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our City and region.

ED Dashboard

Economic Development

The Economic Development dashboard tracks business trends and the economic health of Issaquah. These metrics provide a glimpse into commercial property, retail sales and unemployment trends.

Homeless Outreach Dashboard

Human Services

In 2021, the City created a Homeless Outreach Program to help residents access supportive services. Much of that outreach is captured in our Homeless Outreach dashboard.

Community Court Dashboard

Municipal Court

View the Community Court's data dashboard displaying information on number of participants, resources, and program goals.

Performance Dashboard

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan dashboard displays the available current and historical data on the city’s citywide performance measures. These measures represent the impact of work done by city staff, local and regional organizations, as well as the efforts and decisions of community members.