Climate Action Challenge

Issaquah is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and we need your help. 40% of U.S. climate emissions come from basic household activities, but the great news is there are more ways than ever for you to take action, save money, and make a difference.


The Issaquah Climate Action Challenge makes it easy and fun to reduce your environmental impact. You select the actions specific to your journey, track your progress, and watch your carbon footprint decline as you make changes at home. You can collaborate with your neighbors, share ideas and resources, and work towards your goals together. Learn more and join the Issaquah Climate Action Challenge today!

Join the Climate Action Challenge

Joining is easy! 

  1. Visit the webpage and create an account. You will be invited to join the Issaquah Challenge. Complete the optional energy profile to get customized recommendations for your household.  
  2. Choose your actions. Explore climate and sustainability actions you can take now to reduce your impact.  
  3. Work together. Complete actions with your community and compete with other communities too.  
  4. See your impact! 

Want to be a Team Leader?  

Gather your friends, family, neighbors, school, or faith groups together to create a team and make a big impact! To create a team, follow the instructions below. 

  1. On your dashboard, go to "Invite your friends/community" 
  2. Customize with a team name, descriptions, and photo 
  3. Click "Invite team members" and share your custom link 
  4. Work together to complete actions and get your team on the leader board 

What  is the City Doing to Address Climate Change? 

Visit our Climate Action Plan page to see what the City is working on or email the Sustainability team