The State Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A.130) governs the process for amending Issaquah’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Code. Early each year, the City Council approves a docket (list) of Comprehensive Plan and zoning map amendments to be considered by the community, Planning Policy Commission and the City Council, as allowed by the Growth Management Act (GMA). Find the current docket of proposed amendments, here.

Types of Amendments

There are two types of privately-initiated amendments, map amendments and policy amendments. Map amendments require a rezone application. Please contact City staff for any questions about this process.

Requesting an Amendment

Privately-initiated amendment applications are due by the second Planning Policy Commission in January of each year, or January 31, whichever occurs first. Any individual, organization, business or other group may propose a Comprehensive Plan amendment. Affected property owners must agree to site-specific requests. 

Other Methods of Amending the Plan

The last method for amending the Comprehensive Plan is through the major periodic updates, which occur every 8 years. More information about the periodic update process can be found on the update webpage