Climate Action Plan

Solar and wind power


The Issaquah Climate Action Plan (ICAP) was born from community feedback to create a sustainable, livable Issaquah while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the local natural environment. 

Plan development began in the Summer 2021 following Climate Convening meetings with the community and adopted by City Council in December 2021. 

The ICAP is the culmination of analysis, best available science, community engagement and strategic problem-solving. The plan development involved community and stakeholder engagement to thoroughly ensure the adoption of a plan that meets Issaquah’s unique values and needs. 

The plan is centered on taking bold action while ensuring accessibility, affordability and equity through strategies, goals, multi-benefit actions and metrics to drive success through implementation. 

Focus Areas

  1. Overarching Climate Actions
  2. Buildings & Energy
  3. Transportation & Land Use
  4. Materials & Consumption
  5. Natural Systems & Water Resources
  6. Community Resilience & Wellbeing

This area focuses on reducing overall community greenhouse gas emissions. This is achieved through an emphasis on municipal leadership through reducing municipal emissions, regional collaboration and participation, and advocacy for state and federal climate policies. A priority of municipal leadership is local outreach and a strong emphasis on community involvement and education.


  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to a 2007 baseline:
    • 50% by 2030  
    • 75% by 2040  
    • 95% and net zero emissions by 2050 

Anticipated Actions for 2022  

  • Implement Community Climate Challenge (OV1.1) 
  • Participate in regional partnerships (OV1.3) 
  • Support climate and sustainability education in schools (OV1.4) 
  • Develop a Climate Action page on our website (OV1.5) 
  • Electrify municipal fleet vehicles (early stage) (OV2.6) 
  • Implement bike share and carpool programs (OV2.7) 

How You Can Get Involved 

  • Participate in the Community Climate Challenge launching in spring 2022!
  • Provide feedback on our updated webpage! Future updates coming in Fall 2022. 
  • Advocate for bold climate legislation. 
  • Educate friends and neighbors in your community about climate action.

Stay Connected 

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