Climate Action Plan

Solar and wind power


The City Council adopted Issaquah’s first Climate Action Plan on Dec. 6, 2021. The Issaquah Climate Action Plan (ICAP) builds upon our City’s proud legacy of sustainability and environmental stewardship. The ICAP aims to take bold and aggressive climate action in order to reduce emissions and increase community resilience to climate impacts. 

The ICAP will achieve its vision through collaboration with communities, leadership from City operations, education and engagement, and through a thoughtful and intentional approach that addresses existing inequities in our community and enhances livability for all Issaquah residents. The City will launch two major initiatives for community participation in 2022 including the Community Climate Challenge and Heat Pump Campaign.


The City and several partner organizations hosted a Community Convening on Climate in July 2020. The Convening resulted in a list of Recommendations to address climate change with the first being the creation of a Climate Action Plan to help focus the City’s climate efforts and prioritize actions. The other recommendations will be evaluated in the climate planning process.

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