Wayfinding is a system of signs and visual cues that helps people navigate through a city, guiding them to key destinations such as parks, trails, businesses, schools and transit stops. 

The City currently has a variety of different signs which can make navigating through Issaquah confusing. A new set of comprehensive City park, facility and wayfinding signage will ensure residents and visitors know how to find important destinations throughout our community. 

As Issaquah continues to grow, we are investing in our wayfinding across the city to ensure that we continue to serve a diverse group of residents and visitors.

Once residents or visitors stop at one destination in our downtown or in a neighborhoods, wayfinding can help to ensure that they stay and visit multiple destinations, boosting our economy. Wayfinding also supports sustainability goals by encouraging walking, cycling and rolling

Wayfinding around the city can spark curiosity and encourage users to wander into new places they may never would imagine going to otherwise.  A successful wayfinding system will also help create a common identity for our neighborhoods, demonstrating why Issaquah is a premiere place to live, work and visit.


Four preliminary sign design concepts were presented in a survey to the public in May 2021. Your input will help us to select and refine the final sign concept.


Here are a list of additional resources for the Wayfinding project: