Blackberry Park Play Area Improvements

Blackberry Park


Blackberry Park is located in the South Cove community of the South Lake Sammamish neighborhood. In late 2016, King County transferred this land into City ownership.  While in King County ownership, this land sat as undeveloped park space. Park neighbors worked together and with King County to make the current park improvements which consist of a small playground, sport court and trellised sitting area.


In 2017, the City met with the neighborhood to talk about the change in park ownership and learn from the neighborhood what they love about the park. At the meeting it was discussed that the current play structure is reaching the end of its useful life, and play area improvements are needed to meet City safety and access standards.

Community Assistance

We want to hear from you and get your feedback on the location and play elements.

Please join us:


As a 2021 capital project we anticipate construction to occur this summer/fall.