Quarterly Dashboard

Welcome to the Economic Development Quarterly Dashboard which tracks business trends and economic health of Issaquah. These metrics provide a glimpse into commercial property, retail sales and unemployment trends. 

This Dashboard was created in October 2020 and will continue to be improved to provide a broader picture of Issaquah's business climate. For additional measures at the state and county level, please visit the newly released WA State Department of Commerce Economic Recovery Dashboard.

Questions and suggestions can be directed to economicdevelopment@issaquahwa.gov.

  1. Commercial Rent
  2. Taxable Retail Sales
  3. Unemployment Rate
  4. Vacant Properties

Land Use Price

This data reflects the rent for commercial properties in the City of Issaquah. This period reflects the entire recovery from the 2008-9 Great Recession. One can see a steady rise in gross rent over the entire period, with only a minor disturbance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether the COVID-19 pandemic has longer lasting effects in rent remains to be seen.

There was a dip in the calculated rental price in the first quarter of 2022.  The exact cause is unclear, and only future quarters’ data will reveal whether this dip reflects a real change in the local commercial rental market.

This data is from the CoStar Property Database, which is one of several possible sources for information on commercial real estate. Different sources with different methodologies will reflect different local and regional estimates. The data in this chart is from one data source, and so does not reflect differences in methodology, but in the real-world trend that CoStar’s research uncovers.