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In response to COVID-19, the latest type of wedding celebration gaining popularity is the Micromony later followed by a “sequel wedding.”  We’re happy to now offer one or both of these at the Pickering Barn!

What is a Micromony?

Conducting your Micromony enables you to legally marry now, and party later. It gives your virtual guests a preview of what’s to come when you throw your bigger, postponed ceremony and reception at a later date.

At your Micromony you can invite 30 guests to attend in person, photography and mingling are permitted and your Micromony can take place indoors or outdoors (outdoor is encouraged). The use of tables, chairs, indoor & outdoor facilities and 1 staff member on-site are all included in the event. 

All social distancing guidelines, personal protective equipment (PPE) mandates and wedding restrictions set by Washington Department of Health must be observed.

2021 Micromony:

3 Hour Rental

Please call for available dates & times.

$100 Payment Due at time of booking
Non-Refundable Administrative Fee
$400 Payment Due two weeks prior to event – Rental Fee
 *Special Event Insurance Required

Sequel Wedding

The Sequel Wedding will allow you to throw the celebration you originally envisioned with all the people you formerly planned to invite and even add in a vow renewal ceremony or share a video from your Micromony.

2021 Sequel Wedding:
Please refer to posted 2021 Pricing for rates, contract terms and rental details.
When booked with a Micromony, receive 10% off your Sequel Wedding base rate!

*Special Event Insurance Required