City Quarterly Updates



Learn more about the City's current projects, workplan and progress on implementing its Strategic Plan via the following quarterly reports:

Report Highlights

Citywide Workplan

The citywide workplan is organized by strategic plan goal area. Here are the significant updates since the last report in April:

In general, there was sustained progress or improvement for all the actions on the work plan. The improvement was primarily due to four actions under the Growth and Development and Environmental Stewardship goal areas that are associated with the Title 18 Update. These four actions shifted from the "major challenges" classification to "on track" as that work now progresses. 

  • Other highlights from the Environmental Stewardship goal include:
  • The Parks and Community Services Department continues to develop the Green Issaquah Partnership. This collaborative effort between the City of Issaquah, Forterra, and community groups trains volunteers to help steward our forested parks and open spaces. The 20-year implementation guide for the program has been published and is available on the City website.
  • Work on the Climate Action Plan began earlier in the second quarter and will create a roadmap for reducing citywide greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change. 
  • In the Mobility goal area, work has resumed on two actions that were previously “on hold.” The Administration is working on the Squak-Talus Community Connections Partnership and the Regional Employers Transit Group, which the Council received an update on at the June 29th Council Study Session.
  • In the Social and Economic Vitality goal area, 
    • The Healthy Community Strategy that was on hold has been restructured as a Human Services Strategic Plan. This strategic planning effort, which will include the healthy community, housing and homelessness policy conversations, began with a needs assessment to inform future work.
    • Finally, the Snoqualmie Tribe Vaccine Partnership at Lake Sammamish State Park concluded in June.

Capital Project List

In April, 41 of 47 projects on the capital project list were considered "on track." Since April, nine of those projects previously considered "on track" have been reclassified: 

  • Three projects are now complete. These include the Southeast 43rd Way Signal Improvements and two water utility projects, the Forest Rim Reservoirs and Cougar Ridge Isolation Valve)  
  • One project, the Newport Way Landslide Repair, has postponed construction from Q3 2021 until 2022. 

Five other projects are now classified as "minor challenges" because the project timelines have been delayed by one quarter. These projects include the Newport Way Improvements (Maple to Sunset), the NW Sammamish Road Non-motorized Improvements, the SE 43rd Way and East Lake Sammamish Parkway Roundabout project, the Newport Pedestrian Bridge and Olde Town Traffic Calming.

2020 Yearend Financial Report

The City’s General Fund ended 2020 better than anticipated, adding roughly $2.2 million to fund balance. The CIP, which will be presented later this evening, recommends a plan for deploying these fund balance dollars.

Performance Measurement Report

The second quarter update contained in the Performance Measurements Report presents the changes to seven performance measures based on data from the 2021 Community Survey. The report provides a summary of these high-level outcomes measures, along with graphics and a brief discussion of trends and performance against internal goals and regional benchmarks.