City Quarterly Updates



Learn more about the City's current projects, workplan and progress on implementing its Strategic Plan via the following quarterly reports:

Report Highlights

Citywide Workplan

The citywide workplan is organized by strategic plan goal area. Here are the significant updates since the last report in July:

In general, there was sustained progress or improvement for all the actions on the work plan. Following the allocation of funding in the September 7, 2021 budget amendment, the Administration has resumed work on two mobility actions related to traffic management previously considered "on hold." In addition, three actions have been completed. These actions include the updates to contracts for criminal justice services with nearby cities, the review and updates to Community Planning & Development fees, and the Issaquah Fit and Fun Outside project.

Capital Project List

Overall, there was a mix of both progress and minor setbacks for City capital projects since the last quarterly update:

  • Five projects are now complete. These include the Three Trails Crossing, the Central Park Pad #3 turf replacement, the State grant for the Bergsma acquisition, the HVAC equipment and roof at the Senior Center, and the carpet installation in the Police Department.
  • Two IT projects previously classified as "minor challenges" are now "on track." These include the Public Works MMS Upgrade and the Electronic Records Management Software projects.
  • Four projects previously "on track" are now classified as "minor challenges" because the project timelines have been delayed by one quarter.
    • The Newport Way SR 900 and 54th St Improvements will begin the NEPA-Biological Assessment in Q4 instead of Q3.
    • Strategic Small Capital Projects will continue in the design/bid phase in Q4 instead of beginning construction.
    • The Hillside Park Play area project will continue in the community engagement and planning phase instead of beginning permitting.
    • The Main City Hall HVAC project will begin planning in Q4 instead of Q3.

One project, the Newport Pedestrian Bridge and Raised Intersection, has been reclassified from “minor challenges” to “major challenges” as the design phase has been prolonged for another quarter and construction originally planned for Q3 2021 has been postponed until 2022.

2020 Yearend Financial Report

The City’s General Fund ended 2020 better than anticipated, adding roughly $2.2 million to fund balance.

Performance Measurement Report

On November 1, 2021, the City Council approved updates to the citywide performance measures. The updates will allow for more accurate and action-oriented measurement, allowing for better benchmarking with local, regional, and national trends, as well as better guidance for operational and programmatic improvements within and across city departments. Staff also provided an update on historical and current (through 2020 with 2021 Community Survey) data collected on the citywide measures.