March 2020

Transportation/Mobility Issues: There is a joint meeting with the City Council and the Transportation Advisory Board scheduled for March 31 where groups will hear an update on Mobility Master Plan, discussion of light rail next steps and discussion of potential regional bus route changes.

Title 18: The City Council ad hoc met over the weekend and is preparing a report with staff for discussion at March 10 study session. It is hoped that this report will have proposed path forward. Given tight timeframe, it may just be a status report instead with a more complete report with proposed next steps coming in the next couple of weeks.

Budget/Finance Planning: The March 24 study session will have several issues: report from Washington State auditors on FY 2018 financials, update on FY 2019 year end spending, discussion of strategic plan monitoring, overall performance measurement initiatives and priority based budgeting and update on city services assessment. Munis contract for implementation of upgrades set for Council agenda on April 6.

Development Services/Public Works Departments Reorganizations: DSD staff have been meeting to identify the problems in DSD and propose solutions for these problems. Staff have identified issues with processes, codes, and the need to better align staffing resources. This work will further inform the next steps of the City Services Assessment as it relates to DSD. More information will be provided at the March 24 study session. Work continues on the Public Works merger. A meeting to kick off this process has been scheduled for later this month, with the desire to begin recruitment for a Public Works Director as soon as possible.

TOD/OC Project: The City’s project team met with CenturyLink on March 2 to discuss how the City team plans to address CenturyLink’s chief concerns. CenturyLink was satisfied with the answers provided such that they gave the City team permission to begin drafting the legal documents required for the property exchange. These documents should be ready for first review within a month. CenturyLink did not raise any new issues or questions.

City Office Facilities Issues: Staff has been reviewing options for leaving City Hall Northwest and continuing discussions on next steps for consolidating City offices. Report, which will also include info on spending of current impact fees on account, and request direction for next steps at March 24 study session.

Water Supply Issues: Treatment and Rates: Staff is completing analysis of options on various water supply issues and will return to City Council at the May 12 study session for discussion and direction.

Housing Strategies Workplan: Staff providing update on work plan and asking for discussion on City’s overall affordable housing strategies at March 10 study session.

Boards and Commissions (Issaquah and Regional): Staff is now assigned to support Mayor and City Council members in their various roles in regional organizations. Staff is working with River and Streams Board on reviewing its operations. Staff will be developing plans for staff and Board member training for conducting business of business of boards and commissions.