Storm and Surface Water Master Plan

Creek, Stream, Trees


The City is completing a Storm and Surface Water Master Plan (SSWMP) which will provide an analysis of the existing conditions of the City’s streams and drainage infrastructure within its various watersheds. It will also provide a prioritized list of projects that will address water quality, riparian and stream habitat restoration, and localized flooding.


An online survey and in-person stakeholder meetings held in 2019 and 2020 provided over 300 responses to identify issues and problems related to flooding, water quality and stream habitat within the City. These responses were used to assist in the creation of the SSWMP.

Assessment Reports

View the draft Baseline Condition Assessment Reports for Issaquah Creek, Parkhill Creek, Tibbetts Creek, Schneider Creek and Lewis Creek

The assessments provide a summary of the watershed characteristics as they relate to water flow, water quality, habitat and stormwater infrastructure.


The City is scheduled to finalize the SSWMP plan in the spring of 2022 with plan adoption in the summer of 2022. 

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