Utility Rebates

Senior Program
Household Program
Population Limited income seniors Limited income households
Age 62+ No age requirements
Income Threshold 65% of Area Median
Income (AMI), 
or $58,400 in 2021
150% federal poverty level
(FPL) or monthly income of $3,219 for 
a household of 4

Available to those eligible 
for PSE HELP (learn more 
to see if you qualify)
(within City of Issaquah)
Single-family and multifamily
(within City of Issaquah)

Own/Rent Own or rent Own or rent
Residency Current resident Must be resident for last
12 months
Enrollment Period Rolling enrollment Annual enrollment deadline of Oct. 31
*Must be enrolled in 
PSE HELP to be eligible
Discount  Monthly rate discount Annual rebate check
Amount 75% off total water, sewer,
or solid waste (Recology) 
100% off stormwater bill
$100 rebate check
Learn More How to apply How to apply

Additional Savings

The City and its regional partners have additional savings opportunities available. 

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