Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of any event must be made in writing by contract signee via email or standard mail to City of Issaquah Parks & Recreation Department. A response in writing via email or standard mail must be sent by the City of Issaquah acknowledging and confirming the cancellation.

Renter is responsible for the following financial penalties upon confirmed cancellation:

  • Cancellation received more than 120 days prior to the event: May receive up to a 50 percent reimbursement of initial deposit paid
  • Cancellation received 120 days or less: Forfeiture of all fees paid

Any form of refund is refunded only to the contract signee. Fees cannot be transferred, sold, auctioned or gifted to any other person.

The City of Issaquah is not responsible for reimbursement of items purchased by renter in association with the scheduled event such as insurance, vendor or service charges, equipment rental charges, permit or licensing fees, etc.