Land Use Code Update

Drone shot over Issaquah

Upcoming Events

  • May 10, 2022: Open House – Zoning and Uses - Registration Required
    • To take part in the breakout rooms, please join using a computer or smart device.
  • May 12, 2022: Planning Policy Commission — Public Hearing Zoning & Uses
  • May 26, 2022: Planning Policy Commission —Zoning & Uses Deliberation


The Land Use Code update is a citywide effort aimed at improving the regulations that guide growth and development in Issaquah. This project will help us better preserve, strengthen and protect the patterns of development that define the character of the City. The City is engaging with the Planning Policy Commission (PPC) on the Land Use Code update in order to better understand what may be missing from the current Land Use Code and gain their feedback on the project as it develops.

The land use code is broken up into six different topic groups. Visit each page to learn more and view dates for upcoming meetings related to that topic:

  • Natural Environment: Critical Aquifer Areas, Geological Hazard Areas (Steep Slopes), Streams, Fish & Wildlife Habitat, Conservation Areas and Wetlands
  • Landscape & Open Space: Community Spaces & Green Necklace, Landscape Standards, and Tree Code
  • Zones & Uses: Zones, Permitted Uses, Specified Use Standards, Subdivisions, and Form & Intensity
  • Building & Design: Neighborhood Overlays, Site Planning & Urban Design for Single Family and Townhomes, Fences & Walls, Design & Development Standards and Miscellaneous Development Standards
  • Zoning & Development Standards: Affordable Housing, Transfer of Development Rights, Landmarks and Archaeology, Parking and Circulation
  • Procedures & Administrations: General Provisions, Procedures including Public Notice, SEPA Rules, Wireless Communication Facilities, Transportation Concurrency, Terrain Management, Accessory Uses and Temporary Uses


The Land Use Code update is expected to last approximately 18 months; public engagement for this work is organized into four phases spanning from May 2021 through the end of 2022.

  1. Phase 1 — Strategy
  2. Phase 2 — Drafting Code
  3. Phase 3 — Review
  4. Phase 4 — Adoption

May – July 2021

  • Project kick-off with Planning Policy Commission
  • Identify key stakeholders who should be involved
  • Determine how and when to best engage those stakeholders and other identified communities with vested interests in the Land Use Code update