2023 Land Use Code Update

Drone shot over Issaquah



The Land Use Code update was a citywide effort aimed at improving the regulations that guide growth and development in Issaquah. The intent of this project was to help us better preserve, strengthen and protect the patterns of development that define the character of the City. The City engaged with the Planning Policy Commission (PPC) on the Land Use Code update in order to better understand what may be missing from the current Land Use Code and gained their feedback on the project as it developed.

With the support of a Council Ad-hoc Committee, the below goals and outcome chart was created to guide the development of this project. 

Goals and Outcomes Chart

The land use code was broken up into six different topic groups that were addressed at different phases of the project. 

  • Natural Environment: Critical Aquifer Areas, Geological Hazard Areas (Steep Slopes), Streams, Fish & Wildlife Habitat, Conservation Areas and Wetlands
  • Landscape & Open Space: Community Spaces & Green Necklace, Landscape Standards, and Tree Code
  • Zones & Uses: Zones, Permitted Uses, Specified Use Standards, Subdivisions, and Form & Intensity
  • Building & Design: Neighborhood Overlays, Site Planning & Urban Design for Single Family and Townhomes, Fences & Walls, Design & Development Standards and Miscellaneous Development Standards
  • Zoning & Development Standards: Affordable Housing, Transfer of Development Rights, Landmarks and Archaeology, Parking and Circulation
  • Procedures & Administrations: General Provisions, Procedures including Public Notice, SEPA Rules, Wireless Communication Facilities, Transportation Concurrency, Terrain Management, Accessory Uses and Temporary Uses

The intention of the Land Use Code update project was to improve the development review process for applicants and for City staff. With the help of community members, boards and commissions, and City Council members, staff identified multiple areas of the land use code that were reviewed with more in-depth analysis and community discussion, following the effort to update the Land Use Code. 

ICAP Table List