Special Use & Events

Temporary Outdoor Use Application

On June 22, 2020 the City of Issaquah City Council approved additional use of outdoor space and renewed this regulatory relief through June 22, 2021. Each business must apply for a permit before using the outdoor space. This application is not required for the Front Street Streatery program. 

To apply, please email City staff the following items:

  • Outdoor Use Application Form
  • Hand drawn space plan showing location of all tables, chairs, fencing and obstacles. 
  • If you are not the property owner, a copy of an email or other form a communication that shows you are authorized by the property owner to use the space.
  • If you will be utilizing public Right-of-way (ROW) or City property:
    • A copy of your insurance indemnification form listing the City as additionally insured per the insurance requirement sheet
    • Sign Attachment A of the Outdoor Use Application Form

Special Events

For private events which extend into the ROW or affects the ordinary use of public streets, sidewalks, traffic etc. and/or generates considerable public participation.

Special Event Application Form

For events in the Right-of-Way, see the insurance requirement sheet.

Special Use

For temporary/ongoing constructed or erected signage, equipment or any object that is in, on, over or under any public place or right of way.

Special Use Application Form

See the insurance requirement sheet.