Plumbing Permits

Important Note

All plumbing work associated with a building permit (including tenant improvements) is permitted as a component of the building permit. A separate permit will not be issued. The only exception are backflow devices, which require an over-the-counter permit. If you are a subcontractor, please contact the general contractor or project manager to verify the proper plans were reviewed and approved for your portion of the work. All inspections may be requested at

Over the Counter (Non plan review)

You must apply online at to have a permit issued immediately. Over the Counter issuance is available for backflow devices and single family fixture installations including electrical water heaters. Please note that gas water heater installation requires a mechanical permit and is also available online.

Plan Review Submittals

Process Overview

Visit our Process Overview page to learn about the general application process flow.

Submittal Requirements

Apply Online

You must apply for this permit online through We will not accept paper applications or plans.

Backflow Devices

A separate plumbing permit is required for installation of a backflow device. Apply online at

Annual Inspection Required

For more information on backflow assemblies and annual inspection requirements, see the Backflow Assemblies page.


See the Plumbing Fee Schedule (PDF) for rates.