"Decorate to Your Hearts Desire"

Oversized Image- Pickering Barn 2

"We loved our wedding experience at Pickering Barn. It is a beautiful venue with lots of space and can accommodate a huge number of people. The great thing about Pickering Barn is that it is almost like a blank canvas, so you can decorate to your hearts desire and get really creative, or you can just use the beauty of the rustic venue with minimal decorations. 

It's also in a great location - you get the full Barn experience without having to drive out to the middle-of-nowhere Washington, they have plenty of parking space for your guests, and it is right across from Costco. There is a huge grounds space and so many different locations to take your pictures. There are at least 3 locations where you can hold your ceremony so there are tons of options. We held our ceremony on the outdoor lawn/courtyard in front of the gazebo which turned out amazing, and the reception in the Dairy Barn. 

Pickering Barn comes with tables and chairs which the staff will set up for you, but you will need to pretty much bring everything else. This really worked in our favor because they let you choose your vendors, bring your own drinks and alcohol (which saved us a lot of money) and we did a lot of DIY. They have two lovely dressing rooms, one as the bridal suite and the other as the grooms room."

- Kristine Fu