These application instructions apply to single family and duplexes.

When is a Permit Required?

Re-roof involving structural elements, including but not limited to sheathing, skylights, change of roof pitch, addition or relocation of mechanical units, and change of roof material where the total weight exceeds 10 pounds per square foot.

When is a Permit Not Required?

  • In-kind re-roofing provided roof sheathing is not removed or replaced
  • Residential re-roof overlay if limited to two total layers of roofing material
  • Alteration of roof coverings less than 100 square feet
  • Repair or cleaning existing roofing material

Apply Online

You must apply for this permit online through We will not accept paper applications or plans.

How to Apply

Permits may be obtained online at Alternatively you may apply in person at the Permit Center and supply the following:


  • Permit Fee: $111.45
  • Technology Surcharge: $5.57
  • State Building Code Fee: $6.50