Green Issaquah

What is Green Issaquah Partnership?

The Green Issaquah Partnership is a collaborative effort between the City of Issaquah, Forterra, community groups, nonprofits, schools, businesses and hundreds of volunteers to restore and maintain our forested parks and open spaces.

The Green Issaquah Partnership will build upon existing city-wide community stewardship efforts and foster long-term support for restoration and maintenance of Issaquah’s parks and natural areas.

Forest Steward Program

As part of our Green Issaquah Partnership, A 20-year Implementation Guide, the Forest Steward program establishes a volunteer network for the long-term restoration and maintenance of the City’s parks and open spaces. This project was funded with a grant from King Conservation District.

Are you interested in becoming a steward?

We need your help! Preserving and protecting forests in our parks will require an engaged community and volunteer workforce. Become a Forest Steward.


To receive information about future events and opportunities to get involved, please contact us at Green Issaquah.

Prior Training Events

Green Issaquah Partnership orientation meetings were held on: