Issaquah Highlands

Our Neighborhood

Issaquah Highlands is an Urban Village that boasts Built Green neighborhoods, highly-rated schools, many recreational opportunities, open space, retail and public-transit options.

The first residents moved into their homes in 1998, and today Issaquah Highlands has over 4,000 homes, their own community center, Blakely Hall, a fire station, hospital and thousands of preserved acres of open space, parks trails and athletic amenities. The community is almost done growing with about 20 acres of build-able land left for commercial development, retail and more homes.

Uniquely the Highlands community owns Highlands Fiber Network, its own “to the home” optic communication system delivering data, voice and other advanced communications services to every home in Issaquah Highlands.

Also, Issaquah Highlands is a diverse community and with help from the Highlands Council, hosts 28 different community groups that are open to everyone and 130 community garden patches. Highlands Council produces many community events, including Highlands Day which brings 5,000+ to a one-day festival promoting the community and connectivity to neighbors.

Major Projects

  1. Alexan Apartments
  2. Bike Park
  3. High Street Conversion
  4. Westridge Block 4

Clark Barns is building a five-story, 135 unit apartment building with a two-level parking garage.