Schedule an Inspection

Schedule an Inspection

All inspections are scheduled online using with the exception of Fire inspections. See the bottom of this page for Fire inspection request information.

Request Deadlines

Requests for inspections have the following deadlines:

  • Fire (alarm, sprinkler, fire marshal etc): 48 hours in advance
  • Backflow device and Water Quality: 3:00 pm the prior business day. Inspections are only available Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • All other inspections: 6:00 am the day of the inspection.

Tips Before Scheduling an Inspection

  • Have the permit and any approved plans at the site and available for the inspector.
  • Be ready before the inspector arrives; otherwise, you may be required to reschedule and pay a re-inspection fee.
  • Make sure the work has been inspected before covering it.
  • Any permit may expire; review your permit to determine what the expiration date is.
  • Inspection scheduling is your responsibility.
  • Review the list of inspections on your permit.
  • All inspections associated with a permit must be approved before you schedule the final inspection. The sign-off on your final inspection closes out the inspection process--unless your project requires a certificate of occupancy.
  • On the day of your scheduled inspection, visit MyBuildingPermit's Today's Inspections page to view inspections scheduled in Issaquah for that day.

Schedule an Inspection Online

  1. Go to
  2. From the Jurisdiction drop-down list, choose Issaquah
  3. Enter your permit number
  4. Click Search
  5. Click the permit number that displays below the Search button
  6. Select the inspection type and preferred date. The next five available days are listed.
  7. Select AM / PM if you have a morning or afternoon preference. Inspectors attempt to meet as many preferences as possible, but time requests cannot be guaranteed. 
  8. Enter any special instructions to the inspector in the Message to Inspector column, if necessary
  9. At the bottom of the screen enter your name, phone number, and email address
  10. Click Submit Inspection Request
  11. A confirmation page will display

Cancel an Inspection

You may cancel your scheduled inspection(s) online anytime before 6:00 am on the day of your scheduled inspection. To cancel online:

  1. Follow the instructions above for steps 1 - 5 for scheduling an inspection
  2. Click the Cancel button next to the inspection you want to cancel. Inspections not available for cancellation online will list a phone number to call instead.

If you need to cancel your inspection after 6:00 am the day of your scheduled inspection, please call 425-837-3100.

Fire Inspection Requests

Access the inspection request document (PDF) and then follow the instructions to submit the request via email to Please allow 48 hours after your submission for your inspection.